A Note on the Type

Body copy is set in Chronicle, Georgia, or your system’s default serif.

Headers and other copy are set in Whitney, your system’s user interface font1, or your system’s default sans-serif.

Although I am enamored of web fonts as much as the next designer, I’ve decided that recent additions to popular font stacks that come pre-installed on most OSes offer great options for legible pages at no cost to download speed.2

If you’re getting into typography, I’ve started to compile some thoughts. Get started…


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The following tools make my life tremendously more enjoyable and are strongly recommended: Instapaper for reading and highlighting the web, Reeder for keeping up with the blogs, Feedbin to keep Reeder synced, Pinboard as a personal web archive.

No longer in use, but still loved and sorely missed: Editorially for writing and editing, Readmill for reading long-form.

  1. See Marcin Wichary’s Using System UI Fonts In Web Design: A Quick Practical Guide↩︎

  2. While I might not recommend this approach in every situation, this is my own space and I’ll do as I please. See also: Do websites need to look exactly the same in every browser? ↩︎