A Pause to Take in Surroundings

Well I’m sitting here at LAX at a Samsung Mobile Charging Station. So far, I’ve used my Visa to cover magazines and Sudafed from a Hudson News, which didn’t carry Coke. So I bought a soft drink with my Visa from Burger King where using a card was advertised as being “faster than cash”. I had to work a bit to figure out how to get both ice and Coke out of the fountain.

Brand and commercial pollution are nothing new, but I hold out hope that these things are subsiding. The whole idea of large corporate entities just seems flawed in this world. It has served us well in the way of making goods so convenient that people are available to focus time and energy on more specific things… But in many ways, commercialism and new technology have paved the way for a less-informed society that is treated to an incessant barrage of advertisements and other entreatises to spend money. That’s what our current system more or less depends on. Malls and movie theatres and even airports are so full of things that, simply put, overwhelm and confound.

Sometimes, we need a pause.