I’ve had the pleasure of bringing to life and evolving dozens of design projects, most for work, some for pleasure. A partial list:

Timebox is a straightforward tool for organizing and sharing sets of timers.
Timebox Screenshot

Multiple timers can be set up to automatically play in sequence, useful for multi-step timed activities.

Typefaces used

System UI fonts

Learning Platform for UX/UI
I design and manage this platform to provide design students with better access to resources to support their learning, a clear view into upcoming lessons and deadlines, etc. Unlike typical LMS solutions, this platform aims to provide content to students to empower them, not to collect student data in order to empower or enrich institutions.
UX/UI Screenshot

The platform works great when content is organized around topics within the course. Students can easily find information related to any topics discussed in class.

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Midnight Breakfast
Midnight Breakfast is one of my proudest accomplishments. In addition to designing the site, I’ve had an active role in art directing the site from day 1, which has afforded me the opportunity to work with incredible illustrators to bring more beauty into the world. It has been an incredible honor.
Midnight Breakfast Screenshot

Each issue of Midnight Breakfast features beautiful new artwork and photography alongside each story, essay, and interview. The rest of the site is designed to get out of the way so that the reader can simply fall in.

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Learn CSS
A series of step-by-step tutorials I wrote for folks wanting to get their feet wet with CSS. Styling the Basics, Turning the Tables, and Basic Layout were originally published in 2006. Recently, I’ve been updating these and have some half-hearted plans to expand on what’s there.
Learn CSS Screenshot
In each tutorial, changes to the code are shown alongside the resulting changes to create a visual learning experience.
Elfie Raymond
In addition to being a good friend and teacher, Elfie took a chance on me early on to work on websites that she had created as part of her work in philosophy at Sarah Lawrence, including The Language Exchange and Signs of Plenty: The Altar of Verdun, which I maintained. In 2008 and 2009 I worked on this redesign for her personal site with the goal of improving its overall readability from the original.
Learn CSS Screenshot
Elfie’s website is designed, first and foremost, as a place to read.