User Experience and User Interface Design Bootcamp, Ironhack Barcelona
Since 2018, I’ve taught a 9-week bootcamp course in user experience and interface design.


User Experience Design Immersive (UXDI)
I co-taught and developed curriculum for General Assembly’s bootcamp-style UX course, one class at a time. In this setting, my own work was in designing projects, facilitating classes and workshop time, and mentoring students through their work. I’m tempted to say my real pride is in the work that students have accomplished while they’ve been in my classes, but I take much more pride when students achieve their goals in their careers and lives after the course, and when they help bring new things into the world.
Front-End Web Development (FEWD)
I taught several rounds of General Assembly’s part-time course in HTML and CSS, and also developed new materials and curriculum for the course. Read more…
Mobile & Responsive Web Design
I helped design the curriculum and launch this 3-day workshop at Noble Desktop in Soho. As part of the process, I built out two small example sites which are built out over the 3 days: a mobile-only site called Flix, and a responsive band website for The Jive Factory. Both designed by Jane Migliore.
Wordpress Custom Theme Development
This was the first class I taught for Noble Desktop, for which I got some early reviews which encouraged me to pursue teaching further. My favorites:

I took this same class at another school but the instructor was so ineffective, I wasn’t able to get much out of the class. I’ve taken classes at SVA, Cooper Union, and various community colleges. This class was better than all of them. Nevan was very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and addressed our questions really effectively.

I would highly recommend him.


I liked his jokes, but I seemed to be one of the few.