Getting into Typography

I have a long-standing obsession with type and typography. Typography seems to be constantly in front of our faces and yet so rarely noticed or remarked upon. For an art installation I once did, which had typography as it’s focus, I wrote the following:

Type is the visual form we use to represent verbal expression and communication. Reading and writing depend on conservative conventions, while the spoken language grows and morphs with no need for intention… [The] very letters, signs, papers, books we write, type, and read – everywhere and everyday – are works of visual art worth noticing and admiring.

If you’re anything like me and have either caught this bug, are interested in catching it, or just want to start communicating better visually, I offer this space to share some thoughts, resources, and starting points with you.

Getting Started with Type

I could suggest reading a book or something first, but I think it’s best to start by playing with something practical.