In the sea which was once an ocean, in the water once green, our pasts call out in a whisper.


One day we catch ourselves in the mirror and realize we aren’t the same as we once were: we have changed.

Searching for Understanding

People have shaped, sometimes by design, sometimes by accident, a world in which he must find a way to operate.

Living with the Web

I consider myself lucky to say that I generally feel like a productive contributor to the web, and a productive person in general.

Managing Change

“Nevan, I’ve lived in a different world.”

Roundup No. 5

Easy A, letter-writing, Rebecca’s new blog, David Foster Wallace on the need for good communicators, Jan Tschichold’s 1928 text The New Typography is still relevant.

Roundup No. 4

Liberal arts education, Justice Stephen Breyer talks to Charlie Rose, Hrant Papazian and Nina Stössinger shine some light on Armenian type and lettering.

Roundup No. 3

The social sciences, Sarah Palin, remembering 9/11, putting your inner and outer monsters in perspective, H&FJ’s Forza, Roger Black on web fonts.

Roundup No. 2

Miscellaneous thoughts on education, The Bent Quill Players’ production of Susanna Centlivre’s The Busybody, a special appearance by Ray Bradbury, art-directed essays on the web.

Roundup No. 1

Scala’s cover of “Creep”, Kurt Vonnegut talks to Albion College, catching up on David Foster Wallace, reminders about life and laughter, Denis O’Hare on True Blood, Radiolab’s “Words”, Adobe loves Typekit.


Popular ideas can be uninteresting simply because their shared nature has shaved off all the interesting bits.


Magic is not an explanation of, but a shorthand for the unexplained or inexplicable mysteries of the world around and within us.

A Pause to Take in Surroundings

Malls and movie theatres and even airports are so full of things that, simply put, overwhelm and confound.

Making Complicated Machines

The alphabet of computer language is as simple as they come, with two figures: 1 and 0, known as bits, which typically correspond to high and low voltage electronic pulses. From such a simple base, however, complex functionality can be achieved.